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Laying down the IT foundation for Mexican homebuilder

To build a house, a solid foundation is necessary. The same principle holds for constructing a company that builds homes.

This is the philosophy embraced by Sandra Patricia Gonzalez Hernandez, who has devoted more than 11 years to strengthening the infotech foundation at Javer, helping the company affirm its status as a leading homebuilder in nine of Mexico’s 32 states.

“We are navigating in a wired world,” she says, emphasizing the critical role of optimizing high-tech tools in a competitive marketplace.

Sandra Patricia Gonzalez Hernandez | Infotech Founder | Javer

Sandra Patricia Gonzalez Hernandez | Infotech Founder | Javer

Gonzalez noticed room for improvement shortly after being promoted to director of Infotech in March 2017. Although her initial disaster test did not uncover any significant issues, it did highlight areas that could benefit from upgrades. This led to a comprehensive technology strategy that included optimizing internal IT processes and updating core systems, a notable aspect of which was the transition from Oracle to Salesforce.

The choice of Salesforce was influenced by its flexibility in connecting with any data source, whether cloud-based or on-premises and its reputation as a top CRM provider, a title it has held for 10 consecutive years, according to the International Data Corp.

“The platform is not only more user-friendly, it offers substantial savings in license and maintenance costs,” Gonzalez shares with Toggle from Javer’s headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico. She emphasizes the company’s duty to its shareholders to maintain an infrastructure that is “stable, trustworthy and secure.”

It’s just one of her many initiatives demonstrating Gonzalez’s commitment to keeping Javer abreast with the rising IT curve while mitigating the risks of collecting and preserving sensitive information.

Cybersecurity ascertained

With cybersecurity always at the forefront of Gonzalez’s considerations, she and her team have bolstered Javer’s digital architecture using a method known as cloud infrastructure entitlement management. This system automates the management of user privileges, identities and entitlements across cloud and multi-cloud environments. Leveraging machine learning and other automated processes, it identifies behavioral patterns, sends alerts for deviations, and ensures a swift and agile response.

“Our responsibilities extend beyond just the internet and hardware,” Gonzalez says. “Documenting processes is crucial to ensure we’re not solely reliant on individual knowledge. This approach safeguards the company, ensuring we remain secure even if someone changes roles.”

Sandra Patricia Gonzalez Hernandez | Infotech Founder | Javer

The significance of this system became even more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a large portion of the workforce operating remotely, business remained active, and the need to support clients was paramount. As the challenges of the pandemic begin to wane, Gonzalez and her team of 40 professionals are poised to further cement their role as invaluable business partners, fortified with the robust support of Banyax’s “Real-Time Cyber Defense Services.”

She’s introduced cloud marketing, digital sales and a 24/7 chatbot that mimics human conversation through text or voice interactions. Annual contracts being in the 12,000 range, she says the company is growing its market share, and her tech upgrades vindicated.

“We use technology to satisfy needs through various systems that give us a 360-degree vision of clients and look for operational efficiencies that make processes less expensive and more agile and profitable,” she says. “With the (Salesforce) transformation, we seek to be a differentiator through service, customer advice, quality of the housing we deliver, after-sales servicing and advising customers so they can enjoy the good they’ve just acquired.”

Lifelong learner

To keep her employer on the IT cutting edge, Gonzalez must enhance her skill set. She recently completed an  Executive Education Program (D-1) at IPADE Business School. While she feels fulfilled in her present role, she’s open-minded should an opportunity arise at a more prominent company. She also enjoys mentoring her hires and would like for other women to advance in what’s still a primarily male-run industry.

The industry’s been good for Gonzalez, who honed her skills in numerous roles before joining Javer in 2012. Asked what she likes most about her longest role, she mentions her passion for the projects and her input being welcomed on all fronts.

Sandra Patricia Gonzalez Hernandez | Infotech Founder | Javer

“While technology enables transformation, the business has to be willing to do things differently,” she says. “The people here have adapted to the transformation, and we’re a stronger company.”

Over nearly three decades in the IT sector, Gonzalez has played a pivotal role in bolstering various companies. Before earning her bachelor’s degree in systems administration from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in 1996, she already held a position as an IT administrator at the snack company Botanas Leo.  Since then, she has obtained advanced degrees, including an MBA from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla and several professional certificates. She has served in executive roles at renowned multinationals, including Cemex, Neoris, and British American Tobacco.

Yet, her role at Grupo Javer has been the most fulfilling in many respects. “There is a unique satisfaction,” she notes, “in assisting people from diverse backgrounds in realizing their dream of owning a home.”

While the customers may never meet her, she is acutely aware of the significant role she plays.

Sandra Patricia Gonzalez Hernandez | Infotech Founder | Javer

“Our primary goal is to help build our clients’ legacy,” she says. “A home is often their most cherished possession. We are committed to aiding in the realization of our clients’ objectives.”

She simplifies the process on the company website, which connects prospective customers with an advisor and depicts the many options available in Nuevo Leon, Querétaro, Estado de México, Jalisco, Quintana Roo, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Puebla and Tamaulipas. Blogs offer advice on such topics as credit options, decoration and community. The company also describes how it will use a customer’s data while adhering to privacy laws.

While the tactical phase of the 2018-2023 strategy initiated by Gonzalez in 2018 concluded last year, the IT transformation at Javer is ongoing. In 2023, the focus shifts to refreshing the strategy to envision the roadmap to 2027.

Outside of work, Gonzalez balances her love for hiking and traveling with a dedication to continuous learning and networking, a testament to her forward-thinking approach in all endeavors.

“I want to continue preparing myself,” Gonzalez says. “Opportunities present themselves when you least expect it, and you must be prepared to be able to take it. I’m always ready for new opportunities, but for now, I’m very happy in my work and being able to generate value.”

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Published on: October 11, 2023


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